Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Renee Mayne


Renee is a awe-inspiring motivating speaker that touches and transforms the lives of everyone in the room. She speaks on many topics both personally and professionally please read on to find her speaking topics however please know she is more then happy to create something tailored just for you.


Blogging For Business

This is a dynamic presentation for all business owners that all inspire them to start blogging. How business owners can use blogging as a powerful tool for lead generation.

Why should you blog for business?

How do you create content?

What voice should you use?

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Thriving In The New Economy, the rules have changed!

* Why chasing clients sabotages your chance at success. How a simple shift in your thinking will open the door to massive opportunities.

* How to pre-sell your leads so they come to you convinced of your expertise and happy to pay the premium prices you deserve.

* Quick client generators. If you need cash fast or If you’re desperate for more business, these 3 strategies will give you the flood of contracts you need- guaranteed.

* The little-known way to end your rollercoaster income and generate “income on demand:” when you need it, no matter how much you need.

 * How to completely separate yourself from you competition and establish yourself as THE authority people are desperate to work with.

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How To Sell WITHOUT Selling

  • How to sell yourself and your business
  • WITHOUT  a “hard sell”
  • When you target the right people
  • Speak to them in the right language.

In this presentation you will be armed with all the tricks and tips so you’ll never dread “selling” again.

  • Learn how to target the right audience
  • Reduce the stigma around selling
  • How to price & package to sell

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How To SYKROCKET Your Business

1. Have a clear vision- The fundamentals of a business believing that a solid business model is crucial for every business.

2. Know Your Competition- Then forget about them awareness and your mindset.

3. Think Outside The Square- Low to cost ways to flaunt your business and get you massive attention.

4. Be Inviting- sales to service or service to sales?

5. Benchmark VS Budget- Creating realistic standards and push through all boundaries to achieve maximum growth.


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We have reached that time in our lives when life is good but we feel like there is more, how can we illuminate our lives and elevate our happiness? This keynote motivates you and inspires you to create a life you love and will give you the steps that will help you create it.

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Abuse | Depression | Self Sabotage

Spokesperson for Domestic Violence, in this keynote I share my personal story and how I changed my life.

Break the cycle.

How to break the cycle and transform your life

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