Friday, April 18th, 2014

Renee Mayne

I heard something recently that really struck a chord, and it has been on my mind ever since. I felt a sense of excitement, I trusted them and their vision, but it was more than that and today I GOT IT! We are in a new economy the information age, during a time where businesses [...]

Why on earth would a business coach say such a thing? Perception! You need to identify what kind of business owner you are; 70% will be a lifestyle business and only 1% want to be at the forefront….the industry leaders. So you need to ask yourself which one you are. When I introduce myself to [...]

Who am I to tell you what you need to do I can not judge you or your situation so I am not going to preach to you. But what I can do is tell you how I bought about change into my life because I can not change what happen to me in my [...]

If I ask you “Who are you?” what would you say? “I’m a Mum”, “I’m a Dad, “I’m an accountant”. Most times it will be what you do or what your social status is. But that’s not who you are. Your authentic self is on another level that is real, genuine and from your heart [...]

70% of Small Business will never grow or make a huge a profit. Why? You and your ego, that’s right. A massive 70% of business owners are stopping themselves from reaching their true potential. How do you receive massive business growth? In order to be a successful business you need to think like one. It [...]